Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's Time for . . ."Tea For Two"!

It's time for the big reveal:

Here's the fabric, the floss colors, and  the pattern.
I used a blue erasable pen to mark off the pattern. I'm going to cut everything into blocks and stitch it down on the grey fabric that I chose. I had planned on one type of project but have since changed my mind. 

Unfortunately, my big reveal isn't that big after all. I had big plans and then there were some family problems, some extra trainings at work, an illness; none of which are excuses. Just real life stepped in.
I am going to finish this project and when it's done I'll post it here on the blog.
Who knows, maybe I'll have it done by the time the blog hop ends. 
Keep your fingers crossed!

I can't wait to see what every one else has done with the pattern. Be sure and check out all of the blogs to see how all the ladies

And time for the "Tea for Two" blog hop . . .

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