Saturday, December 18, 2010

NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up

Check this out!
     I have finally rested up from my NaNoWriMo experience.  It was wonderful and terrifying all at the same time.  But, I finished and that's the main thing.  It's been a month and now it's on to the re-write.  All NaNo winners get a certificate from CreateSpace for a free proof copy of their book.  An actual paperback copy of my book complete with a cover.  Then I can feature it on Amazon for sale or I can keep it private.  I guess you realize what I'm going to do.  Private is not for me.  Hiding my accomplishments under a barrel, not for me, either.  It's a fantastic opportunity and I intend to run with it.
     I created this postcard, using Vista Print Services, as a way to announce my intentions to myself, to the world, and a few others.  This will keep me focused on what I need to do now and where I am going from here. That would be forward.  I have a deadline with CreateSpace, so that should help with the focus part, as well.  "So, a bit of a self congratulatory celebration as I head off into the unknown land of repetitive re-writes", she said, as she toasted her accomplishment with a Pepsi.
     I will continue to update my progress here on my blog, so watch for updates.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day#25

     A short time ago, I signed on to the NaNo site and after scrambling my story, uploaded it to the site for verification.  Needless to say, I WON!!!  I can't begin to tell you how great that feels.  I am really proud of myself.  I worked hard, persevered and made it through to the end.  I kept telling myself that I'd make it.  But I didn't really know if I would or not.
     In the beginning, at the first meeting at the library, I thought, "Yeah this shouldn't be to hard".  Of course then I wrote the first night, woke up exhausted the next day, (after writing 2,000 words) and suddenly, 50,000 words looked like a whole lot of distance to cover in a month.  Then I slogged through that first week, getting more exhausted and not making much of a dent in the word count.  Suddenly I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into.  Then I had an ear/possible cold during week two.  I'm thinking I feel awful and writing a couple of hours after coming home tired from work seemed a fool's errand.  But I kept at it.  Then I hit some kind of adrenaline rush and wrote 12,000 words over the weekend.  My story took off and the next thing I knew 25,000 words appeared and then I closed in on 35,000 words, then 45,000 words, and finally I blew past the 50,000 word mark. 
     I can't believe I made it.  I can't believe I won.  But I'm so glad I did.  Where do I go from here?  Well, I'm off to buy a frame for my winner's certificate (that may have to wait until tomorrow since today is Thanksgiving-I don't know if anything is open) and then it's time for the real work to begin as I start editing my manuscript. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

NaNoWriMo "The Finale"

     I finished!  I won!  I was so afraid that I wouldn't complete this task that I really knuckled down and pressed onward toward the end.  It helped that as I neared the middle of my story, I picked up steam and the story wrote itself.  The momentum was incredible.  Then just when I thought I had peaked to early, I added some more characters who fleshed out the story even better than I hoped.  They moved the story on to its conclusion.  And then I was done. 
     I didn't realize how tired I was until yesterday.  I had decided to take the day and just kick back.  I needed to do that more than I knew.  I felt lousy all day yesterday.  I really thought I was coming down with the flu.  I was achy, nauseous and just felt rotten.  By the time bedtime rolled around, I was sure that I was going to be up all night camped out in the bathroom.  Instead, I slept well and woke up with tons of energy.  Apparently I was just exhausted.
     Now that I have the story down, it's time to move on to the polishing of the story through research, rewrite, and whatever else.  I can upload my novel beginning on Nov. 25 (Thanksgiving Day) and then I can collect my winner's goodies.  I'm not sure what all that involves but I know there is a certificate.  And that's my main focus.  I intend to frame it and hang it on my wall.
     I DID IT!  YES, I CAN! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #19 AND Day #20

     I wrote like a fiend last night.  I ended my story and in a strange twist, the characters that I added at the end shaped the story more than I can say.  It was an added element that I needed.  It added a terrific finish.  But I was still shy about 1200 words.  So begins the epilogue.
      I was just bone tired so decided to go on to bed.  What to do about today, though?  I had to be out of town in the evening and would miss my regular writing time.  I'm so close.  What should I do?  Finally I decided that I would set my alarm, get up early and finish the story with the epilogue.  I did.
      After Day #19 my word count was 48,791.  After Day #20 my word count was 51,340.  OMG!  I made it!  I can't believe it.  I was so afraid that I wouldn't make the word count in the allotted time and here I made the word count with 10 days to spare.  I did the Snoopy dance all around my apartment when I finished. 
     I reflected on my accomplishment, when I finished.  I wrote my first story when I was 7 years old in 2nd grade, double spaced on notebook paper, four pages front and back.  The teacher encouraged me further by having me read it to the class after recess.  I was hooked and vowed that someday I'd write a novel. I've been writing ever since.  And now, all these years later, I've written the novel I promised myself.  It's really a rough, rough draft.  It needs a lot of polish, but it's a start.
     (Oh did I mention, I still need to add the novel notes at the end.  I think I'll have time before the deadline.)  I can't wait to submit my finished novel for the word count check.  You better believe I'm doing that on the 25th of November!

Friday, November 19, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #18

     Last night I thought I had peaked to early.  I just couldn't put words to paper.  And I had a pile of words left to add to my word count.  But overnight, I thought about it, and I introduced some new characters at the eleventh hour.  After their conversation occurs with the heroine and I do my epilogue, I should be well over the word count.  Currently I sit at 46,298 with nearly 100 pages.
     I have always wanted to write a novel.  But I tend to edit, a lot, until I can't even move one word forward without the agony of stressing over whether this word is the right one or not.  And then the momentum is lost.  NaNoWriMo has freed me from all of that.  I just keep telling myself to move forward.  One day at a time.  Get through this day of writing.  Get through the next day of writing.  Then the next day.  Don't look back.  Don't stress.  I can take care of all of this during the rewrite.  This method has been working really well for me.  Look at my word and page count.
     Finally today, I went in and looked at my messages from the other NaNoWriMo participants.  I knew the messages were piling up.  But I didn't want to take time away to read any of the messages or surf around on the internet.  That's a good way to get off track and lose focus.  I'm apparently more confidant now.
     I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not an oncoming train . . .Hello Day #19.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #17

     I am so close to reaching my word count.  I sit at 44,064 words.  I need 5,936 to finish.  I have over 90 pages so far.  I'm amazed that I've come this far.  And this fast.  I'm not there yet, but I'm closing in on that 50,000 word mark.  It will probably take me a week at the rate I'm going.
     Last night I didn't hit it as hard as the night before.  I watched back to back episodes of "Burn Notice", wrote for an hour, then watched "Family Guy".  It seems so weird when I stop and do everyday things instead of spending all my time writing.  It's like I have to enter back into society or something like that.
     I wasn't sure that I was even going to write at all last night.  I had a rough day and I was tired from the day before.  But I just said to myself, "look you have to put something down and I don't care if it's the worst crap you've ever written, just write."  So I did and an hour later when I blinked my eyes and entered real life again, I had 1,800 plus words.
     I think I might have peaked to early, though.  I don't know if I have enough story left to make the word count.  I decided that if I don't, I will put in a writer's statement or novel notes or whatever, telling about the real life events that this story is based on.  That should take care of my word count, but this is only if I need the extra words for the count.
     Skidding into Day #18. . .join me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #16

     I was so tired last night when I got home from work.  I didn't think that there was any way  for me to write even one single word, let alone 3,600 plus words.  I started writing and I could not stop.  I wrote after supper, I wrote through a couple of breaks, and even though I turned on "Family Guy", I didn't watch much of it because I was to busy writing.  I wrote through "King of the Hill"  and through the first part of "South Park". I probably should have just shut the TV off, but I just tuned it out of my mind.  I didn't want to take the 10 second break that it would take to switch off the TV.  I didn't take my shower until almost 11:30 p.m.  I just couldn't stop writing.
     Needless to say, I had strange vivid dreams all night.  I could not get up to go to work.  I finally made it to work (a bit late) and I have just now started to wake up.  Wednesday's are busy days at work and I need to be in tip top shape.  Probably not going to happen today.
     I sit at 42,179 words and 87 pages.  My Inner Editor keeps calling, texting and emailing.  I kept telling him to cool his heels with all the other inner editor's.  He's impatient.  He keeps asking about how the project is going.  Apparently he has met some friends he wants to introduce me to, and soon, their names are Vision. Lofty Goals and Big Ideas.  I think Lofty Goals and Big Ideas are twins.  They dress the same and it's hard to tell them apart.
      Heading into the home stretch. . . Day #17 begins today.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #15

     Happy day!  I am closing in on 40,000 words.  I'm at the halfway point in the month and nearly finished with my project.  Since the weekend I have slowed down somewhat.  I was tired last night and only managed 1,607 words.  Still that's pretty good for only having an hour and begin tired.  I can churn out quite a tidy word count in an hour.  Practice makes perfect.
     One thing that really irritates me when I read, is when the climax in the novel comes and there are questions hanging out there, and the author wraps everything up within a couple of pages.  That is so unsatisfying.  It doesn't leave me wanting more, it leaves me really ticked off.  I feel like I'm being taken for a ride and I don't like it.  I know they are trying to get you to buy "the next book in the series".  But I'm mad at this point with their lousy ending, and I don't buy the next book.  A really good example of this is a recent Nora Roberts series.  I got so ticked that I didn't buy the other two and I haven't read anything by her since.
     My point being, is that I have passed the climax to my story and I have two sub-plots still going.  I am going to wrap them up so the book has a nice tidy ending.  When you write your own novel, you can do things like that.  Succeed in area's where you feel other authors have failed.  So that's what I'll be writing until I've reached my 50,000 word count.  I'll be wrapping up the loose end.
     I'm strapping on my jet pack and heading into the air. . .it's Day #16.

Monday, November 15, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #14

     What a weekend! (for words.)
     I had a truly miserable Thursday writing session.  I was so boring that I was putting myself to sleep.  It was wonderful to finally stop and just end it.  In fact, when it came time to write on Friday,  the thought was almost painful.  I wrote anyway.   Then something miraculous happened.
     I sat down to write on Friday and could not stop.  I've been that way ever since.  In the past three days I've written 12,009 words.  My word count sits at 36,877 and 76 pages.  I am truly amazed.  I did not see that coming.  I only have 13,123 words to go and I would bet that will not be enough words.  I'm sure I'll go over.
     There's also something else that I did not see coming.  A few days ago, poor sweet Mark's head was bounced off the concrete.  Well, last night I'm afraid Dale cracked his head on the back of a shovel.  That's not something that you see someone do every day.  I'm kind of surprised by the fact that there is so much blood and gore in my book.  It's about a drowning.
     Happy writing. . .on Day #15.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #13

     I added over 3,000 words last night.  My word count sits at 32,877.  I probably could have written through the night.  I think the quality of my novel would have taken a nose dive, though.  I was getting pretty tired.  And I am tired.  This has been a lot of work.
     It consumes all my free time as well as time during the day that I plot all this out in my head, when I should be thinking about something else. I think I'm in a zone.
     I wrote up notes about where to begin today, and what will take place.  By the time I woke up this morning those plans had changed somewhat.  Apparently I also think about this while I sleep.
     I've hit my stride and the novel is just writing itself, more or less.  I sit down and the words start pouring out onto the computer screen.
     The story seems to be cohesive and holding it's own.  My inner editor did show up briefly, yesterday, and we talked for just a moment.  Then I sent him back to the corral with the other inner editor's.  He seems happy there.  I told him I'll have a big project for him quite soon.
     Adding word count this evening....Day #14.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #12

     Last night I had a writing storm descend on me.  I started writing at around 8:00 p.m. and by the time I finished, sometime after 11:00 p.m., I had written nearly 5,000 words and 10 pages.  At this point, I am sitting at 29,683 words and 64 pages.  When I open up my novel, the file is so big that it takes a while to open the document.  I have backed up my novel on my hard drive, a flash drive, and sent it in an email to myself.  I hope that I am covered as far as backing up my novel.
     I don't know when I have ever had more fun!  Last night the words just flowed and I just went where the story lead me.  Some of it I had planned in advance, but I did get a surprise.  I never thought Maggie would bounce poor sweet Mark's head off the concrete.  That was a shocker.  I did not see that coming.  It does clear up a problem that I had as to why they were going to part.  So, once again, Maggie was looking out for me.  Truly this is her story, I'm just writing it down for her.
     This has been an amazing project.  I am so glad that I took this on.  I have learned so much about myself and who I am, right now.
     The website doesn't open up for upload of novels until Nov. 25.  My stats show that I'll be ready to upload on Nov. 22, if I keep up my pace.  I'm going to keep writing until the Nov. 25 deadline so I have no idea how many words I'll be at by that time.
     Here we go again. . .Day #13.

Friday, November 12, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #11

     YES!  I reached the half way point.  Today my word count is 25,132 words.  I'm on page 55.  I have 24,868 words to go.  I'm in the home stretch.  I am tired.  Every spare minute is going into this project.  And even a few moments that aren't spare.  I write all the time.
     I see the story coming together now.  I was even able to do a brief outline this morning.  I see the plot twists, the climax, the resolution and there's even an epilogue.  There's a twist at the end, too.  And, well . . .you'll have to read the book to find out more.
     Considering that even up to the very beginning of this project, day one, I had no idea what I was going to write about.  And here I have a solid story, that I dearly love to sit down and write each evening, it makes sense, and the story has unfolded just a naturally as if I were reading the actual book.  I'm even beginning to pick up steam because the story is falling into place so easily.
    My main character, Maggie, is definitely my muse.  She has watched over this book from the very beginning.  She's telling me the story and I write it down for her. When I want her to go in one direction, she goes in another.  It's her story, no doubt about it.
     Tally ho and it's off to Day #12. . .

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #10

     Hello bright, sunny Day #10!  The sun is shining and the air is crispy cool today.  I could smell the damp, clean smell of frost.  My pickup was covered in dewy wetness.  This is especially odd due to the fact that we've had no rain for weeks and weeks.  When I went to squeegee the moisture off my windshield, little smears of ice were in with the wet.  (It is November, but I am really not looking forward to ice and snow.  I think we should skip it this year.  HA! HA!)
     I felt just rotten yesterday evening.  My ears are bothering me. I have sinus from all the dust blowing around over the past weekend.  I wrote anyway.  The more I wrote, the better I felt and when I was all said and done, I neared another milestone.  I have completed 22,733 words/49 pages. (2,267 words from the half way point)  I have made it back to finishing on Nov. 25th.  I have 27,267 words to finish.  Then I WIN!  I know what it took to get to 22,733 words.  Now I have to replicate it.  Whew!  I grow tired thinking about it.
     Yesterday on the NaNoWriMo website there was talk of a shovel with blood on it's blade.  All the zombie writer's weighed in and said they were going to incorporate it within their novels.  Of course the zombie writer's are, duh, zombie's/shovels not that much of a stretch. However it gave me an idea as I read comments by the zombie writer's.  So thank you shovel for making an appearance and thank you zombie writer's for weighing in on a topic of such importance to all of us who are part of NaNoWriMo this year.
     The wind blows me into Day #11. . .


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #9

     I had my second class at the library for NaNoWriMo.  (I missed open mic night. SIGH!) I forgot to bring an excerpt from my novel to read.  But one of the ladies in charge of the class gave me some additional information about my subject.  It's fascinating reading.
     I haven't felt very good the last few days.  I have sinus or something.  No real symptoms, just an ear that's been bothering me and all this wind, dust and whatnot.  Rain would be very welcome.  I said RAIN not ICE.
     My word count was a little low last night.  I hit 1,648 words.  I'm 100 words away from the 20,000 word mark.  I'm looking towards that 25,000 word count.  Half way.  My day to complete dropped from the 25th to the 26th.  That was a little disheartening. 
     Today it hit me, I'm going to have a twist at the end.  And what a twist it will be.  It shocked even me and I'm writing the thing.  Pretty gruesome reading.  If I was shooting for a Harlequin publishing deal, my twist at the end probably ended any chance I had for Harlequin.  (It wasn't really a romance.)  That's O-Kay, mainstream is better anyway.
     Tune in tomorrow for a daily update on the insanity that is NaNoWriMo. . .Day #10 awaits.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NoNoWriMo Day #8

     And welcome. . .I have just finished up Day #8 and start Day #9 this evening.  Tonight there is a get together at the library to discuss how our writing is coming along.  My writing is right on track.  I sit at 18,223 words with 31,777 yet to go.  At this rate I will finish by Nov. 25.  That was my personal unofficial date to finish by and I reached it, yesterday actually.
     I really look forward to my writing time in the evening.  It is so hard to take care of the daily chores of life before I start writing.  All I want to do is get to the writing.  Real life takes over occasionally, though.  It has to or I'd be so lost I don't think I could write anything productive.
     My story is progressing along as it should.  I have finally gotten to the first kiss.  I know where I want the story to go from here and how to get there.  This is something that I just figured out today.  Now my main concern is, will I be able to pace everything so that I rise to the turning point at the right time?  If I peak to early, then the story is over.  If I peak to late, than I won't have enough words to finish the story properly.
     My pacing has been right on track, so far, even when I thought I was circling back onto previous ground, that was not the case.  I will just have to trust the process, trust myself, trust my pacing, and see where it leads me.
    More tomorrow from Day #9 . . .

Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #7

     Whew!  This is an exhausting exercise.  But I am doing it. I plan to complete it.  My motto has been "Yes I Can" through this entire process.  Right now I am gunning for the half way mark of 25,000 words.  Only 8,861 words to reach that goal.  I'm going to do something special to celebrate when I reach that goal.
     My total word count this morning is 16,139.  This is an official word count.  I have 33,861 more words to go.  I finally made my goal of finishing by Nov. 25. 
     I am told that the second week is the roughest one.  I don't think it's going to be that rough for me.  I have a solid story with what I believe to be solid characters.  The story is developing and I have an actual direction that I'm working toward.  I have notes set aside to move the story forward.  I have an idea about the turning point and resolution for the story.  It could all change.  But I'm confident that plans are in place to take me to the finish. 
     I sail into Day #8. . .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #6

     Welcome to Day #6, as I write this I am contemplating my writing this evening  (Day #7)  I currently sit at 13,664 (unconfirmed) words and I am eyeing the 20,000 word mark.  I have an amazing amount of things that I need to do today to begin the week.  Like going to the grocery store, doing laundry, washing dishes and cleaning up the house.  Occasionally those things have to be done.  I mean, I don't want to have to use a shovel to dig myself out after NaNoWriMo is over.  HA! HA!
     Since I wrote last night, I have also jotted down a few notes about where I'd like to go from here.  Maybe try out some new viewpoints. Keep following my progress. . .
     Welcome to Day #7.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #5

     Here I sit at Day #5.  I finally broke through the 10,000 word mark.  I sit at 11,870 words.  I can't believe it.  I am so happy.  And tired.  It's to soon to say if I'll make it to the end and win.  But that's exactly where I intend to wind up.  I have 38,130 words to go.  I was informed when I updated my word count today, that at this rate I should finish by Nov. 26.  My personal goal was Nov. 25.  So, I've really got to get busy.  And write, write, write.
     Tomorrow is Sunday.  I don't know if there will be an update tomorrow.  Perhaps in the evening, if all goes well.  If you don't see any update tomorrow, never fear.  I will update my word count total and my blog first thing on Monday.
     I'm off to see if I can break that 20,000 word mark.  Wish me luck!  My poor, tired, typing fingers need all they can get.  Heading into Day #6. . .

Friday, November 5, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #4

     Here I am at Day #4 and my word count sits at 9,663.  I am 40,337 words from my goal.  I can't seem to break the 10,000 word mark.  I will tonight.  I would have probably done it last night, but I only had an hour available to me in which to write, and only churned out roughly 1600 words. (22 pages and counting)
     One of my instructors said that it was helpful to keep a small notebook available to keep track of the people in the novel.  She was so right!  I think I'm up to about 12 characters and there are more planned who haven't arrived yet.  Even in the short time I've been writing, I have forgotten a couple of names.  I can see where that could turn into a nightmare towards the end.  And there are a couple of characters who have changed their names to nicknames.  The main character has done that twice.  Talk about confusing.
      While I was writing last night, it dawned on me that I have a character who is not who he seems to be.  I'm afraid that my heroine is going to feel very betrayed later on.  What's so bad about it, is that the other characters know and they're not telling her either.  And they're suppose to be doctors!  Psychiatrists, even.  Keeping her in the dark!
      I checked the website and found out that there are 185,587 people signed up to do this "Novel in a Month" exercise.  That sounds like a lot.  I wonder how many will finish?  I plan on being one of those that finish, that win.  I want that certificate.  I'm going to hang it on my wall!
      Onto Day #5 . . .

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #3

     My word count today is 7,992.  (only 42,034 to go, I can't seem to break that first 10,000 word mark)  I currently sit 3 days ahead of schedule.  That's good, because you never know what might happen.  Take today, for instance.
     I have to take my son, James, to an appointment in another town.  I know I want to keep writing.  I need to stay on track.  So do I take my laptop with me, go to the cafe across the street from where his appointment is and type for an hour or do I take a notepad and write in longhand while I sit in the truck and wait for him?
     It will be chilly and not very comfortable in the truck. A cold front came through during the night and today's high isn't going to go much past 60 degrees.  I probably won't get a very good word count and I'll have to transcribe it later.
     Writing at the cafe seems like the smart choice.  It will be light, bright, and comfortable.  I'll get a good word count and I'll have everything all typed up, as usual.  If the appointment runs a little bit long, I can keep typing and adding to that word count.  But I also have to leave my truck parked on the street in an inhospitable town.
     Will I overcome my fear of "parking"?  Tune in tomorrow to see what happens.
      Today begins Day #4 . . .


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #2

     I've made it through Day #2.  I'm at 14 pages, 6,123 words.  Wow!  Who knew I had it in me. When I updated my word count on the official website, I found out that I am currently a day ahead of where I am suppose to be at this point, with only 43,877 words to go.  Whew!  Will I make it?  Keep reading each day to find out.  I'm sure I will be as shocked as you are.
     I sit at my dining table (nicknamed the tiny table by my son) with a laptop and write every evening for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  When I finish, I'm exhausted, hungry, and since I get very involved when I write, completely oblivious to what's going on around me.  I put lots of pressure on my knees and feet.  When I finally get up and stretch, my legs, knees, feet, just my whole body feels stiff and sore.  I need to find a way to relax while I write.  I'm sure that will come in time.  I'm just on day #2.
     The chair I use at the dining table is quite uncomfortable and although I don't notice it when I finish in the evening, in the morning when I get out of bed, my hip hurts.  It feels like it's slipped out of it's socket.  I injured it years ago in a freak "why don't you dump the nearly empty (HA!) 50 gal. soap barrel into the one we just opened" accident.  It's taken awhile the last two mornings to work it back to feeling no pain.
     I've been so tired the last two mornings, I can hardly get out of bed.  I've slept so soundly and deeply the past two nights, I don't know if a freight train running through the house at the end of my bed would even wake me up.  I believe that my exhaustion and tiredness will eventually disappate as I continue on my journey.  It takes time to change routines.
     Day #3 . . .has arrived.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #1

     Yes!  NaNoWriMo began yesterday.  So did I.  I wrote 3,290 words.  I have 8 pages to show for my work and a pretty tidy little novel started.  I'm not sure where it came from, or where I'm going from here with it, but I feel very confident.
      I wrote for 2 1/2 hours last night and it was heaven.  The words just flowed.  My only problem, was that after my heroine, Margaret, got started on something, I couldn't seem to budge her to go any other way.  We seemed to go round and round over the same ground together.  I could not get her to move on.  Finally, bleary eyed and tired, I had her faint, and slide off the couch.
     I think she'll forgive me tonight, when hunky Dr. Mike shows up.  Obviously, Dr. Barnett was not giving her the care she needed.  My gawd, he didn't even have a first name!  (Of course, I don't think Dr. Mike has a last name.  He could surprise me, but I doubt it.)
     Last night I thought Margaret might fall for Dr. Mike, but today, I'm not so sure.  I think maybe she's going to meet someone else who hasn't entered the picture yet.  We'll see how that goes.
     Margaret has definite ideas about what she will do and what she will not do.  It's all about what's good for the story.  So, hats off to your Margaret, thanks for the help!  ( I don't even know where the names came from.  I started out with a title and vague ideas and the next thing I know, Margaret showed up and took over the story.  She started naming names, having suppers, and decorating rooms.)
     Day #2 begins now. . .

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Sewing Machine is a Frequent Dinner Guest!

    For the past year, my little Singer sewing machine has been sitting on the side of my dining room table. . . .ever at the ready, should I need to stitch up my BOM "mystery quilt block project" quilt blocks.  The Singer has a vinyl cover over it, when not in use; which has saved it from pop spots, tomato sauce spots, Parmesan cheese sprinkles, taco sauce dribbles, cheddar cheese shreds, salt & pepper, and a variety of other indignities.  It's sat there through breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It doesn't eat much, has impeccable table manners, and only speaks when spoken too.
     However, when it comes time to sew, that's another story entirely.  My Singer turns into this Jekyl and Hyde character.  Silent no longer, the quiet guest awakens and it whirls, jiggles, runs flat out at top speed, and the thread flies.  Threads are everywhere; stuck to my hair, my clothes, the table top, the floor, the wall, to guests who happen by, and every nook and cranny that you can imagine.  It eats every type, every color of fabric that I feed it and spits it out with stitches and strings attached.  Manners are forgotten in the frenzy of attaching fabrics, one to another. As I finish the last stitch, in the last block of this month's assignment, my little Singer sighs, as I switch off it's light and unplug it's power cord.  It sits and waits behind a curtain of plastic; safe from food spills, elegant in white vinyl, as it returns to its role as my frequent dinner guest.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall-O-Ween Blog Hop

     I've heard of a quilt shop hop, but I've never heard of a "quilt blog hop".  Check this out!  New quilting patterns by well-known quilt designers, everyday, beginning September 27th through October 6th.  Leave a message on each blog on the day that the project posts, and be eligible for prizes, (not to mention that this is a great way to get your blog out there for others to find).  Enjoy!  And good luck. . .

What Does "NaNoWriMo" Mean?

     Is this some strange new language or is this in fact English?  It is, in fact, English.  "NaNoWriMo" stands for "National Novel Writing Month". (Check out the link in "links of note").  During the month of November, people all over the world attempt something that is nearly impossible, maddening, and highly stressful.  They try to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.  Not a complete manuscript by any means, but a roughly rough draft.  This year I am attempting to do the same.  I am going to join with a group at the library and we are all going to attempt this feat of modern novel-dom.  (I do believe that novel-dom should be right up there with "truthiness".  If Stephen Colbert can create words, than so shall I!)
     To get ready for my attempt at "NaNoWriMo" I completed a project that I called "30 poems in 30 days".  I wrote a poem a day for 30 days during the month of July.  I had a general theme and diligently wrote a poem every single day for 30 days.  I enjoyed it so much and my momentum was such that I did not want the project to end.  I currently am revising and editing these poems and I hope to publish them.  Several exceptional poems came out of this writing frenzy that don't fit the theme of the book, so I am going to send those off for publication as individual poems.  What's interesting about the ones that I'm going to publish outside the book, is that they more or less arrived complete and have required little or no editing.
     By the end of year, I will be editing my novel (if all goes well during "NaNoWriMo"), editing my book of poetry, and the other night I happened upon a children's book that I wrote several years ago.  I entered it in a contest years ago.  It didn't win, but I think with some work it could become something great.  (Or not, who knows) 
     I'm glad that you checked in with me today. . .leave me a comment. . .tell me a story . . let me know you're out there. . .

Monday, September 20, 2010

Links of Note

     There are several new additions to my blog today.  I've added a "Links of Note" box.  I'll keep adding, subtracting, and updating links in this area.  So keep watching for new links as I rotate out the old ones and new ones take their place.
     The Silver Needles Quilt Guild link goes directly to the newsletter section.  I've been the newsletter editor for two years now.  I really enjoy it.  I believe I'll continue in this capacity for at least another year.  Maybe longer.  (I'm also serving as the President-Elect = vice president, this year, which means I'm the President next year.  I'll see how that goes)
     The Sunrise Presbyterian Church link goes directly to the church's newsletter section.  I've been the newsletter editor for the church's newsletter since August of 2009.
     Check out the other links, when you have time.  They are quite diverse, as my interests are quite diverse.  You might see something that you didn't know that you were looking for.  That's all for now. . .

Friday, September 17, 2010

Potpourri-a mixture. . .a medley or miscellany

     Have you seen my first ever You Tube video?  If not, check out my archive for July.  I attended an art fair in June and the video features art installations from this nationally juried art fair.  The video is fun, has a musical score, and it's brief.  I don't know how many more of these I'll be creating in the near future, but I do have one planned  for October/November 2010.
     This new video will be from a quilt show.  Silver Needles is a quilt guild that I'm involved with and in October we put on a "quilter's trio" event.  It's a luncheon, quilt show and auction. The tables are decorated, the table hostesses give handmade gifts to their table mates, lots of food, fantastic quilts to view, and unique handmade gifts are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  I almost forgot the most important part.  Every year there is an "opportunity quilt" a bed-size quilt that we sell chances on.  I always buy chances but never win.  I'm hoping I win this year. (The winner of the "opportunity quilt" was Maryglyn Garwood.)  The quilt is not in "my colors" and I think if I had it on my bed it would take me in decorating directions that I haven't previously traveled in.  Did I mention that this is our big fundraiser for the year?  The video should be available in early November.  Be sure and watch for it.
     I have been involved in a year long "mystery quilt" project.  At the next class, the instructor will unveil the finished quilt which I've worked so hard to complete, block by block. I'll be sharing the journey with you, block by block, as well as the additional quilt that I made using the same patterns but a different color scheme.  Watch for additional posts, where I will reveal more information about "The Mystery Quilt Project".
     Until then. . .enjoy life!  Autumn is here!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday, June 29

"When a person dies, a library is lost"

     Right now, there are hundreds of books being written by the people in this photo, by those of you reading this, and by everyone around you. When a person dies, their library is lost.  Collecting these stories is incredibly important. 
     Hitting the highlights of peoples lives is important. Those highlights are what makes our time on this earth infinitely exciting.  Just a slice of someone's life can be great treasure. They can live on with that one slice and the library is not lost for lack of effort.
     I hope you will join me by leaving me a "slice of your life". A story about a part of your life that is unique to you. Or a story about someone you know, a family member or a friend. Photo's are also welcome. Until next time. . .
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 14, 2010

I went to a wonderful festival in the park over the weekend. There was music, by well-known and unknown musicians; there was fine art and crafts; art installations being created while I watched; all types of unique foods (alligator?); and lots of people. I spent most of my time "listening" to what people had to say.
Everyone has a story unique to them. Sometimes it was a family story passed down (I heard from a grandson about his grandfather who was Amish and had the first underground Amish party band) and sometimes it was a personal story (I heard from a man who in his younger days kept running into a country music star through his travels and eventually this country music star wrote a song about the fact that they kept crossing paths).  Truly everyone has a story to tell and all of us are entire libraries unto ourselves. I decided then and there that someone needed to be writing these unique stories. So, if you have a story to tell, I want to hear it. Write it here on my blog and share it with me. At some point, when there are enough stories,  I will collect them together into book format and publish it.  Your story could live forever between the pages of a book or within an electronic media format.
If you'd like to be part of my 'Your (his)story project' leave me a post.  I can't wait to hear from you!!!