Sunday, November 14, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #13

     I added over 3,000 words last night.  My word count sits at 32,877.  I probably could have written through the night.  I think the quality of my novel would have taken a nose dive, though.  I was getting pretty tired.  And I am tired.  This has been a lot of work.
     It consumes all my free time as well as time during the day that I plot all this out in my head, when I should be thinking about something else. I think I'm in a zone.
     I wrote up notes about where to begin today, and what will take place.  By the time I woke up this morning those plans had changed somewhat.  Apparently I also think about this while I sleep.
     I've hit my stride and the novel is just writing itself, more or less.  I sit down and the words start pouring out onto the computer screen.
     The story seems to be cohesive and holding it's own.  My inner editor did show up briefly, yesterday, and we talked for just a moment.  Then I sent him back to the corral with the other inner editor's.  He seems happy there.  I told him I'll have a big project for him quite soon.
     Adding word count this evening....Day #14.

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