Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NoNoWriMo Day #8

     And welcome. . .I have just finished up Day #8 and start Day #9 this evening.  Tonight there is a get together at the library to discuss how our writing is coming along.  My writing is right on track.  I sit at 18,223 words with 31,777 yet to go.  At this rate I will finish by Nov. 25.  That was my personal unofficial date to finish by and I reached it, yesterday actually.
     I really look forward to my writing time in the evening.  It is so hard to take care of the daily chores of life before I start writing.  All I want to do is get to the writing.  Real life takes over occasionally, though.  It has to or I'd be so lost I don't think I could write anything productive.
     My story is progressing along as it should.  I have finally gotten to the first kiss.  I know where I want the story to go from here and how to get there.  This is something that I just figured out today.  Now my main concern is, will I be able to pace everything so that I rise to the turning point at the right time?  If I peak to early, then the story is over.  If I peak to late, than I won't have enough words to finish the story properly.
     My pacing has been right on track, so far, even when I thought I was circling back onto previous ground, that was not the case.  I will just have to trust the process, trust myself, trust my pacing, and see where it leads me.
    More tomorrow from Day #9 . . .

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