Friday, September 17, 2010

Potpourri-a mixture. . .a medley or miscellany

     Have you seen my first ever You Tube video?  If not, check out my archive for July.  I attended an art fair in June and the video features art installations from this nationally juried art fair.  The video is fun, has a musical score, and it's brief.  I don't know how many more of these I'll be creating in the near future, but I do have one planned  for October/November 2010.
     This new video will be from a quilt show.  Silver Needles is a quilt guild that I'm involved with and in October we put on a "quilter's trio" event.  It's a luncheon, quilt show and auction. The tables are decorated, the table hostesses give handmade gifts to their table mates, lots of food, fantastic quilts to view, and unique handmade gifts are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  I almost forgot the most important part.  Every year there is an "opportunity quilt" a bed-size quilt that we sell chances on.  I always buy chances but never win.  I'm hoping I win this year. (The winner of the "opportunity quilt" was Maryglyn Garwood.)  The quilt is not in "my colors" and I think if I had it on my bed it would take me in decorating directions that I haven't previously traveled in.  Did I mention that this is our big fundraiser for the year?  The video should be available in early November.  Be sure and watch for it.
     I have been involved in a year long "mystery quilt" project.  At the next class, the instructor will unveil the finished quilt which I've worked so hard to complete, block by block. I'll be sharing the journey with you, block by block, as well as the additional quilt that I made using the same patterns but a different color scheme.  Watch for additional posts, where I will reveal more information about "The Mystery Quilt Project".
     Until then. . .enjoy life!  Autumn is here!

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