Friday, January 7, 2011

Sunshine Day! Welcome 2011!

     Outside, today, the temperature is over 50 degrees.  It has been that way for two days.  The wind is kicking up since lunchtime, so it seems a lot cooler than 50 degrees.  The wind is blowing in a nasty cold front with below 0 temperatures for next week.  I am not looking forward to the temperature drop.  We may even get some snow, but I'm not sure how much.  I hope there is no measurable snow fall.
     I've been contemplating what I want to accomplish during this year.  January is a good time to take stock of my life.  One thing I know I'd like to do, is to spend more time with my writing and photography.  I've decided that I'm going to post once a week, every week, throughout the year.  (I may post more.)  There are 52 weeks, so there will be 52 posts.  I'm going to include at least one photo each week.  Hopefully, the photo and the post will compliment each other (or maybe not).
     I have a video that I haven't put together yet, for my YouTube channel.  The entire project has been around since the middle of October.  I got sidetracked with NaNoWriMo during November, and everything in my life came to a standstill.  So, there is a video to do.
     Last year, a friend sent me a link to "The Golden Clubhouse" which is a blog that pulls together all types of creative lady designers who work primarily in the quilting field.  There is so much talent out there in the world.  (The Internet has been able to provide a forum for a wide variety of people to showcase their talent.  Everything from writing, to music, to art, to video, you name it!)  It's interesting to see what level each artist is at and how far they've come, year after year.  I really enjoyed following this blog last year, so I have provided a link to it under "Links of Note". I was intrigued by the "Black and White Delight" listing.  I'm going through a black and white phase.  The fact that this quilt also features a "bright" is a definite plus.  I intend to make these blocks as they are posted.  It's somewhat of a mystery as to what the final quilt will look like, but that's part of the process.
    I've also listed a website link to April Hamilton, who has written a book for Indie Authors.  The book details all the steps involved with Indie book publishing.  It's a very valuable resource guide.  She has been there, done that, and not only lived to tell about it, but written a book, too. April went the Indie route when no one would publish her, gave her book away for free, and ended up with a book deal from Writer's Digest books.
     I seem to have the gift for gab today.  It's time to move onto another project.  I am the moderator for my writing group this next week and I need to prepare for that.  We are going to work with Motown Songs.  It's highly top secret.
      Until next time. . .


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