Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time for the Renga (Preview)

  1.  Jose Faus - June 6 (post July 18)

Near Points of Rock
one even-toed ungulate
sniffs ancient winds
tramples barren seeds
shreds scruff grass
rolls in shallow wallow
lumbers to a slope
where a contract traveler
in one shot settles a score
oblivious to the season’s tone

Using the post above, I contributed to the conversation with the post below.

  1. Lydia Lowe - June 8 (post July 20)
           Sitting, half hidden behind thick, green, leaves
           with a view to the kill
           and bearing silent witness,
           is a boy who thought he was a man.
           A tear runs down his cheek
           and he feels like a child again,
           longing to run away, hide, and yet,
           to scared to move with a contract killer
           creeping closer, still on the loose
           down below.

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