Monday, December 31, 2012

. . .and so a new year begins

     Chalk Outlines is taking a one year hiatus.  I will be starting a new blog project beginning January 1st, 2013, entitled "Haiku 365".  My new blog will feature a haiku poem everyday for the entire year.  Hence the name: Haiku 365!  This could prove to be quite a challenge but I believe I'm up to it.  I plan to release these blog posts in book form in 2014 and I'm hoping to interest a publisher in my project.  I hope to create the necessary following needed to land a book deal and you can help.  How you ask?  Please tell all your friends, read my daily blog posts, sign up to be a follower, sign up for my daily email, and subscribe to my new blog.  I appreciate any and all help that you can provide. 

     So I hope you join me in my new, year long adventure.  Please feel free to comment on my blog posts and email me.  I enjoy the feedback: positive or negative.

     I'll see you tomorrow for the first post.  I can't wait to get started!  Happy New Year!

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