Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Artist's Rendition

There is a two story red brick building downtown that sits on a prominent corner and for years has been painted bright red.  Who knows why someone would do something like this to a red brick building but they did.  The new owners decided that they wanted to turn it back to brick, but you know how paint can stick to natural surfaces and destroy them.  Paint is not easily removed.  So the owner had a painter with an artistic bent come in and remedy the problem.  He "painted" the bricks to look like bricks.  He also "aged" the limestone to reflect the age of the bricks.  He did this with paint, too.

Check this out. . . I was very impressed.
actual bricks and concrete

painted bricks and limestone
Here is a pic of the entire building and what it looks like from a distance.  Very impressive.  Who knew you could do this with paint.  The painter did this entire building.  Excellent job! 

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Bill Nicholls said...

Strange thing to do paint it to look like bricks.
Passing through on my roadtrip