Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snow Day

     Last Saturday, we had a little snow; like over a foot of the white stuff.   

      It was a dry snow and fairly easy to shovel, until the middle of the afternoon, when the sun started to melt the snow a bit and then it got a whole lot heavier.  It took forever to break through the end of the driveway to the street.  My car is so close to the ground I have to scoop the entire driveway.  I use to have a pickup truck and I’d just barrel through all the snow and up into the drive.  One thing I didn’t think about when I traded vehicles.  

     After six hours of shoveling snow, I finally had the drive cleared.  I really over did it.  I spent the rest of the day recovering, with aches and pains, and just plain exhaustion.  Thank goodness I didn't have to do the sidewalk and front slab.  My next door neighbor always goes out and clears the sidewalks and front slabs for the apartment complex.  He does that every time it snows.  The little lady on the end and I always appreciate this so very much. 

      Today, a week later, I walked outside to frost on the car windows and the birds singing in the trees.  Crazy birds!  I enjoyed the concert.  It actually made scraping the windshield enjoyable.

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