Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Simple Act of Kindness

      Yesterday I was at the library working on my blog (I don't have internet at home, it's so expensive), and this fella was leaving whom my son and I know.  People really don't know how to take him, around town, he's a different sort of person.  But we have always been friendly and welcoming to him, even when he has not always been so to us.  He seemed to be feeling lonely as he walked out of the library but he brightened up when he saw me.

     Tracy gave me this big smile and he stopped to chat, when he saw me and then went on his way.  He came back about 15 minutes later with this huge white bakery box of donuts.  He came right to me and asked if I'd like one.  There is no way that I'd turning down a donut.  I said thanks.  He went into the library and walked all around handing out donuts to the staff and patrons.  I could hear people saying "thank you" and calling him by name.  When he walked out of the library, I told him thank you again.  Many of the patrons followed him out, congregating out where I was and also thanked him again.

     You never know what a simple act of kindness, just speaking to someone, can do for a person.  I brightened his day and he in turn brightened the entire library.

     *there's a heart in the center of the donut; can you see it?!

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