Sunday, June 22, 2014

I've Moved . . .

Hey! I've moved- to a new town and a new apartment and I have a new job . . .all since April.  Amazing!  However, I'm still living out of boxes.  I've been so busy, I haven't had time to unpack everything yet.  Here's a view from one of my balcony's.

I went from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom; 1 bathroom to a bath and a half; a small garden spot off the driveway to two balcony's; and even a pool.

These pictures were taken in May and since then I found a barbeque grill at a garage sale for this balcony (although I haven't had time to use it yet).  This is my long balcony and faces the street.  My son and I sit out here occasionally and have supper.  My begonia's have grown so big they spill over the edges of the basket and on the side facing the street you can see the vinca vine, that is also in this basket, and has since grown so long and so full it has grown to the bottom of the balcony.  I'm wondering if it will will eventually reach the ground?

 This is the short balcony and it is around back and just off the living room.   It faces the pool.  My geranium now has 10 big red blooms and all three of the cactus have doubled in size.  Notice the balcony lights, which I had planted in the rocks of my garden space back in Salina.  I wanted to use them here and they fit perfectly in upside down clay garden pots.  My balcony looks spectacular at night.

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