Friday, July 29, 2011

Post-It Quote/Prompt of the Day

 I was watching The Nightly News with Brian Williams last Friday (July 22) and there was a story about a drought and famine in Africa.  The reporter was talking to a woman in a tent surrounded by many children.  The family was clean, wearing decent clothes, sitting in the shade, looking well hydrated and fed.

The woman was talking about how she was one of the lucky ones.  She had walked  for over a month from her home with her children to get to this refugee camp.  Along the way she had come across children whose mothers had been doing the same thing but the mothers had taken ill and died.  As this woman went along she gathered up these children and brought them along with her.  And she felt she was lucky!  Attitude is everything!

What a daunting task!  Not only had she walked along with her children through a hot, barren, desolate desert, kept her children alive and together for over a month; but then she had gathered up these abandon children she found along the way, shared what little she had with them and got them to safety as well.  The reporter never even got her name!

Quite literally there are stories everywhere.  Imagine- - -how many different perspectives this one story could take on, if I were to write it.  What a wide variety of obstacles and problems would be faced until the climatic end.

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