Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Little Something Extra . . .Saturday

     There are some exciting changes a foot for this next year, here on "Chalk Outlines".  There will be more poems, photos, quotes, a short film? (possibly; it's shot but not produced) and maybe a short story or too.  I have a funny short story that I read at Open Mic night at the library and there was a lot of laughter!

     I'll be adding some pages, which will appear as tabs across the top of my blog entries. One of these tabs will have the ordering information for my books.  This will happen sometime after the first of the year. 

     As you know, I wrote a novel for National Novel Writing Month last year, entitled "Confusion".  It was scheduled for release near the end of this year and would have been for sale on Amazon.  Unfortunately, that deadline has more or less come and gone.  This novel is still in rewrite and I am hopeful it will be available for sale in 2012.  It depends on how the rewriting process continues to go.  The novel I wrote this year, "Bounce On A Wire",  has turned into a trilogy and it won't be ready until sometime in 2013.  I will keep you posted on my progress.   

     If you would like a copy of my blog posts, in several different forms, they will also be available for sale under the "books" tab next year.

     The year's not over yet.  There are more poems, photo's and quotes ahead to round out the year.


© Lydia Lowe  12/03/2011

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