Friday, December 30, 2011

Post It Quote/Prompt of the Day

 Notice the housetop above the Subway sandwich shop.  Subway is in front of the house, there is an insurance agency to the right of Subway.  I drove around the back and found the house blocked in off the alley by the concrete block back wall of the Subway building.  I drove around the other side of the building and there were double glass doors with a 
Kwik Shop sign on the doors.  
So, this begs some questions. . .

Why is this house here?
 Is it possible to get into the house?
Why did the original business (Kwik Shop) build around the house rather than tear the house down?
If you work at Subway, when you go into the back of the business, can you tell when you're in the house?

What questions do you have about this strange phenomenon?

What were the original business owners and the property owners thinking to let this happen?

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