Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Monthly Series . . .

I was inspired by my cube mate at work who has this:

sitting on her desk.  She changes it out monthly.  I'm a big fan of words, so of course, this appeals to me.

I decided to do a monthly series of my own after seeing that my favorite cross-stitch magazine was publishing a monthly series of designs.

The supplies above are for the December design.

I completed January:

and I framed it.  I think it would look much better in a frame that hugs the edge of the design, but this makes it much easier to frame each design without a lot of extra work.

I completed February:

Then I completed March:

I decided that I'm going to trim these designs down after they are all completed and put them together in a quilt.  
Of course, then next year I'll need a new year long project to frame for my desk.  LOL

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