Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Trivia

It was my turn to prepare Friday Trivia.
I chose: songs of the morning, sunshine and days of the week.
I supplied the name of the song and a photo off the internet of the group
who sang the song.
Little did anyone know, I also provided the answers, because if you moved the cursor over the photo of the group, it would link to their wiki page and give you their name.
Immediately, someone figured it out and notified me, and then they dropped out of the competition.
Shortly thereafter, another person figured it out and sent me all the correct answers, except for the bonus answer which didn't link to anything at all.
Most everyone just gave up.
I announced the winner at 4 p.m. and told them about the hidden answers, there was some laughter . . .

It's A Beautiful Morning,
was sung by which group?
Beautiful Day,
was sung by which group?
Tuesday Afternoon,
was sung by which group?

Saturday in the Park,
was sung by which group?

I'm Walking on Sunshine, 
was sung by which group?

These are some of the songs and groups that I had on the original trivia contest list.
Can you name the groups, without looking them out on the internet?
Good Luck!

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