Friday, February 4, 2011

Reality v Fantasy!

     See the snow. . .this is my reality.  I am growing tired of white in all its various forms of snow and salt residue.  I am growing tired of cold and sub-zero temperatures.  I am growing tired of wind chills.
      Before this latest snow storm (which was suppose to be much worse) we had a couple of days where the weather got up to 60 degrees.  It was beautiful, like spring had arrived early.  People were out walking,  playing and running around without their heavy winter coats and gear on.  Of course I was inside, throwing up and well, you get the gross yet colorful picture.  Thank goodness once I was feeling better, it was cold, with blowing and drifting snow, and sub-zero temperatures again.
     Right now, the photo to the right is the fantasy that I hold within.  Green growing things, warm breezes, flowers, blue skies, and warm temperatures.  I know that this time of the year also has it's own unique challenges, but hey this is a fantasy, right?!  So, of course, everything is picture perfect, in my fantasy.  And the temperature never goes above 75 degrees with very low humidity.  And every day is Saturday.


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