Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sub-Zero, Again!!!

     If I wanted to see snow day after day and if I wanted to feel sub-zero temperatures followed by ridiculous wind chills against my bare skin, I would live in Alaska.  But I don't live in Alaska.  I'm a Kansan.   I'm against snow day after day, sub-zero temperatures and  ridiculous wind chills (-17 degrees, seriously?)  I'm agin' it!!!
     This time we had 11" of snow and some parts of Kansas had 20" of the white stuff.  I stepped outside in a -2 degree temperature to take yet another snow photo and it was just all to depressing.  However, warmer temperatures are on the way---50's by the weekend and 60's next week.  Hallelujah!
     I have spent my time indoors wisely, though.  Silver Needles Quilt Guild (I'm a member, the President this year, and possibly still the newsletter editor <3years in a row?>) had a fabric challenge this year.  Members purchased a fat quarter of "Electric Mosaic Mambo" and then had to construct a project, not necessarily a quilt, and the challenge fabric had to be seen on the front side of the project.  I had decided not to participate since I only had a month to put it all together.  But then I saw another member who was working on her quilt at the last meeting with only a month to go and I thought "why not".  If she thinks she can throw something together within a month, I certainly can, as well.
     Tonight I will start the quilting, the top is more or less finished at this point.  Then I have the binding and I'll be done.  Just in time, too.  We meet and judge the projects on Monday, February 21.  I don't know if I'll win anything or not, but my little quilt is very striking.  I plan on entering it in the Tri-Rivers Fair this year.
     I was so inspired that I started on next years challenge quilt, where we are to quilt a favorite poem.  I have the top put together but that is as far as I've gotten.  I'm going to finish it up as soon as I'm done with this years challenge quilt and enter it in the Tri-Rivers Fair, too.  I may even put them both in the Silver Needles Quilt Show in October.  They are both quite unique!
     Watch for the unveiling of this years challenge quilt, next week.

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