Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Change and Re-Arrange

     This blog of mine has been through a lot of changes as I try to find out what my blog wants to be and what I want to be.  I haven't got it right yet.  I've come up with yet another idea.  I write a lot of poetry, I enjoy taking pictures, and I am forever scribbling notes to myself on bits of scrap paper.  When I write, I usually go back and re-write those poems until I get them right, and then file them away in a folder.  When I take photo's I usually leave them in the camera and enjoy them that way, unless I've taken the pictures for a specific project.  When I scribble notes to myself they usually end up in a box or a notebook and are never heard from again, although I do refer to them occasionally.  It's time to get all those things out there for others to see and published to share.  (If I make regular posts, perhaps I can also drive some traffic to my blog.) 

Monday's . . .Monday's Poetry Moment
(I literally have a million poems.  Seriously.  Use my poetry as a prompt, a jumping off point for your own work, or just enjoy what I've written.  Please let me know what you think of it.  Positive or negative.)

Wednesday's . . .A Picture's Worth . . .    (?)
 (I will post a photo that I've taken.  There will only be a photo.  No words.  Kind of a wordless Wednesday kind of thing.  If you use the photo I take in any way, such as: a writing prompt, or re-post it, or print it out and hang it on your wall, or whatever, please let me know how the photo was used.)

Friday's . . .Post-It Quote/ Prompt of the Day
(I intend to liberate my "post-it" thoughts from their secret hideaways and bring them out into the light of a new day.  If one of my thoughts invites your curiosity, takes you in new directions and to places that you might not go, please let me know.  It will serve as an inspiration for me, as well.)

     Well, that's about it.  I'm also into other forms of art.  I garden, I sew, I embroidery, and quilt.  I'm sure photo's of these other artistic pursuits will show up on this blog from time to time, too.  Stay tuned ....  

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