Monday, June 27, 2011

Mondays Poetry Moment


where did they go
all those seemingly insignificant details
veins in a rock
lines in a leaf
cracks in the concrete
I use to see these things
I use to feel them in my soul
they were as familiar to me as my face, my name
and now, they no longer seem to be there
or I don't care
or I'm going too fast and I just pass them by
not seeing them, any more
and my world is smaller
this lack of attention to detail
the less I stop and look
the less I see
the less I feel
the more disconnected I become
the more depressed I feel
time keeps on spinning round and round
and I feel so tired and bored with my life
with all of life
I no longer feel the soul of a tree by touching the bark,
or a sheet of paper,
or the wood of my desk,
I no longer feel the life of the tree,
still there in the bark
in the sheet of paper
in the wood of my desk
I drive past trees, with branches to numerous to count
I see
staple reams of paper everyday at work
I put things on my desk and take them off, over and over and over again
where did they go
It's all to much

© Lydia Lowe  06/2011

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