Friday, June 24, 2011

Post-It Quote/Prompt of the Day

I like to take a walk through my neighborhood at daybreak and at twilight.

At daybreak there is:
   electricity in the air
   traffic is just beginning
   people are waking up, cooking breakfast, getting dressed for the day
At twilight:
  the air grows heavy
  cars sit in driveways
  people lounge on porches, drink cold drinks, relax

Sunrise or Sunset?  You decide.
1.  What time of day do you like to walk?
2.  Why?
3.  Is there a particular reason that you walk?
(i.e. for health, as stress relief, a family activity, to think, or just because?)
4.  Do you like to walk with others or alone?
5.  Do you listen to music while you walk or do you prefer silence?
6.  Do you prefer to walk outside or inside?
7.  What season do you find best for taking a walk outside?
8.  Do you like to walk around your neighborhood or do you travel somewhere else to walk?
9.  How much time a day do you spend walking?
10.  How often during the week do you go walking?

*Describe an extraordinary walk that you've taken. . . .

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