Thursday, November 17, 2011

NaNoWriMo #16

     I had an excellent writing night last night.  These cold evenings really do it for me, somehow.  I began the night at 23,968 and ended at 28,984.  Total word count for the night: 5,016.  Wow!  I started early and wrote until well after I should have headed off to bed.  I was completely exhausted.  So, I was surprised when I woke up at 6:00 a.m. wide awake.  Amazing!
     Some of my time last night was spent on listing my characters and their main contribution to the story.  I had lost a few of my characters and one of them, I have no idea why he's even there.  He really doesn't serve any purpose and he doesn't do anything.  He just made a brief appearance and he's outta there.
     I also spent some time outlining the story and where it needs to go.  I have a plot detail that is stubborn and I can't seem to resolve it.  It's a sticking point and I may not be able to resolve it.  I guess if worse comes to worse, I can take care of it in my re-write. 
     I was feeling really good about my word count and how far I had come, until I pulled up the stats for today and I'm about where I need to be at this time for the month of November.  I won't get much writing done today.  And Friday night is going to be a bust, too.  I have a concert to go to for my other blog-ReVue.  Maybe on Saturday, I can get caught up again.  All I've done this year is play catch-up.  It's my crazy life. . .which will be on display again. . . tomorrow.  Tune in . . .
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