Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNoWriMo #6

     I had a much better writing night last night.  I only wrote for any hour but got an amazing amount done.  I'm not sure why that happened or how, but I'll take it.  I'm not feeling nearly as tired as I was last week.  The first week of NaNo is always the hardest.  This year it seemed worse than last year, but maybe I just don't remember.  Once I get into the swing of things, along about the second week, everything evens out and I hit my stride.  I passed 10,000 words last night.
     Well, last night it was the all Andy show.  All Andy all the time.  (I think I'm going to change his name to something else.  I keep thinking Andy Travis from WKRP while I write.  Maybe I'm channeling that character.  He was the only sane one on that show.  Until that one episode where he wondered if they'd turned him as nuts as they were.  Maybe I'll change his name to something like, I don't know, maybe Frank.)      
     Andy seems to be the most down to earth character I have.  He's just really solid.  Nothing weird, nothing strange.  No drama.  He's just "the guy" whose trying to live his life as best as he can.  Ann Marie has turned into a flake and I did not see that coming.  Not at all.  She finally met up with Andy, and he is enchanted.  Figures.  I think he might try to "save" her.  That's what he's thinking right now, anyway.  I don't know if she needs saving yet or not.  Probably not.  He might.
     It's raining outside and there's thunder.  The perfect night to get a lot of writing done.  I can't wait.  Mood weather.  Of course, when I left off last night, it was sunny and bright.  Hey, freak storms come up all the time.  You just never know.   I'm headed toward 20,000 words . . .

© Lydia Lowe  11/2011

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