Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NaNoWriMo #21

     Not much for a word count yesterday.  I added on 1,413 words.  But at least I added to my word count.  There are times that adding to the word count is so slow, it's like torture.  I think that 7,000 plus, word day really took it out of me.  I need about 12,000 words to finish. 
     I'm already planning where I'm going to frame and hang my winner's certificate.  I might be getting a little bit ahead of myself, but I can see the end up ahead and I still have such a long way to go on my story.  50,000 words is only going to scratch the surface of what I'm writing. I should have no trouble reaching my goal.
     My story last year was a good one.  It had layers and dimensions, several plot twists and a decent amount of characters.  This year, though, I am blown away by how much my story telling skills have grown.  By leaps and bounds. 
     I have parked my paper boat (it was taking on water and my words were disappearing) jumped on a paper airplane and headed out.  Yes, this is a lot faster and it's easier to see where I'm going from up here.

© Lydia Lowe  11/2011

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