Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post NaNoWriMo

     Today is the last day for the competition.  Many people are finishing up their novels and many more have given up completely.  I am glad that I'm done and already have my noveling winners certificate hanging on my wall of fame.
     I work so hard and with such singlemindedness throughout the month, that when the competition is over I go through a variety of different feelings.  At first, I'm just so glad to be done.  It's great to take that first night to just relax.  I don't write, I don't even crack open my laptop.  I don't think about plot lines or characters or what direction the novel is moving toward.  I putter around the house and put things away, marvel at all the extra time I have, take out the trash, water my plants.  Just relax and get back to normal daily chores.
     But then Day #2 hits.  I'm not a big fan of Day #2.  The main reason is that I feel like I'm at loose ends.  The novel is done.  It's too soon to start the re-write.  I've put all the art projects that I usually work on away, so that I can focus on my novel.  In order to get back to work on those art projects I have to get them back out and re-aquaint myself with where I was at in the process.  This requires some thought and planning, with a brain that's fresh off noveling so this becomes to much trouble to pursue.
     Now I'm cranky and out-of-sorts, so I try some special activities.  A special supper or a trip to browse through a bookstore, a long walk, anything to take the edge off.  But of course, nothing works.  I just have to get through the cranky phase and move on.  Sometimes this phase can last a few days. 
     So, I'm glad that the novel is done, more or less, and I'm not anxious to get back to it just yet.  But there's always that cranky period to get through and that part I'm anxious to move past.  I keep on moving forward . . .

© Lydia Lowe  11/2011

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