Friday, November 4, 2011

NaNoWriMo #3

     I'm so tired.  The first week is always the hardest.  I have to have complete quiet to write and it's hard to remember where I left off the night before.  I can't get up in the morning and  I'm so tired when I go to bed at night.  I keep looking at my word count and I don't seem to be getting very far.  The month seems far to short and it's only the third of November.  I keep forgetting things and my apartment is a huge mess right now.
     But then something generally happens without my even realizing it, along about the second week.  I get to the point that noise of any kind, no matter how loud or annoying, just disappears into the background while I write.  My characters start living interesting lives, I think about them during the day and try to decide what they will do on the page that night.  I bounce out of bed in the morning to get in a little writing before work and I can't quite give up and go to bed at night.  My word count explodes and I actual quite paying any attention to it.  The word count just doesn't matter.  I become more efficient with my time when I do things other than writing.  It's very strange, indeed.
     Last night Ann Marie made it to New York.  She seem's to be a bit of a ditz.  I'm not sure why.  She's not suppose to be.  I mean, she's no brain but last night was kind of ridiculous.  True, she is clear across the country and in a totally new environment, but still . . . 
     Maria told this heart wrenching story about the loss of her family.  She just took over the story.  To add insult to injury, the guy running the whole show paid her for her work, but didn't pay her for her family's work.  I mean, they were dead after all.  Of course, they died while they were working for him.  It was kind of an Upton Sinclair writes "The Jungle" moment.  (For those who haven't read The Jungle, go do that right now.  It is an incredibly good book.)  Oh, then he fired her.
     Tonight, Flynn is back.  He wanted to come back last night.  He's a media hog!  I've got something planned for him later that he's not going to like very well.  I'm kind of wondering if he's going to let it happen.  He's become a pretty strong character, especially for a bit player.
     Check in to tomorrow for more teasers . . .

© Lydia Lowe  11/2011

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