Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NaNoWriMo #7

     My energy is up but I'm having trouble getting that energy to run down my arm, onto the pen and across the paper in the form of words.  I'm not way behind, but I'm not on track.  Losing a Saturday writing night, kinda blew my momentum.  My writing time last night was productive.  I added a healthy amount of words to my word count and I moved the story along.  And I have tonight's idea ready to go.  Plus it's raining, so it should be another productive writing night.
     Andy (yes, I stuck with the name) and Ann Marie had a long talk last night.  Maybe she's not quite the ditz I took her for earlier.  Tonight there is a surprise planned.  Something that no one will anticipate happening.  I'm going to bring all four of my main characters together.  Maria, Flynn, Andy and Ann Marie, which is going to be tricky.  I hope I'm up to the task.  I'm going to need some time to write it out.  (Tuesday is a notoriously poor T.V. night.  Thank goodness!)
     This is going to involve some thinking on how I'm going to pull this off.  I don't know if I'm up to the challenge but if it doesn't turn out exactly like I want it, well, that's what re-writes are for, right?  Of course they are.  Better to dive right in and get a little dirty and muck around a bit.  Something will come of it and I can polish it in another draft. 
     The gear's are turning and I'm focused on my technique right at the moment.  I'll have more tomorrow, so tune in then. . .

© Lydia Lowe  11/2011

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