Saturday, November 26, 2011

NaNoWriMo #25

      I'm now up to 49,643 words, having logged 1,660 more last night.  I am so close.  Unfortunately, I probably won't have time to write today.  But hey, that's O-Kay.  I'm very close.  Tomorrow I'm going to finish this up, at some point.  It won't be the actual ending because there is too much story left to tell.  I'm just going to write until I get to an ending point that sounds good.  Probably a chapter ending.
     While I wrote yesterday I kept the thought of a trilogy in the back of my mind, and I think that I've figured out a way to do that.  Remember Devlin from a few posts back?  Well, he was just going to be a brief plot point in the story.  But I think I'm going to have enough back story on him to give him his own story.  It's all tangled up with Gwendolyn and Zelda and not as much with Ann and Ann Marie.  Perhaps that's how I'll end my story, with Devlin's back story.  I just hope Devlin doesn't bring a bunch of his friends with him or I may never be able to end the original story!!! 
     I can see the finish line from here.  It's just so beautiful. . .the sunshine beaming down on the tape across the road up ahead.  Sprinting towards the finish line . . .

© Lydia Lowe  11/2011

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