Saturday, November 19, 2011

NaNoWriMo #18

     I got absolutely zero writing done last night.  Another late night.  Two in a row.  However, I did get to go to "Get The Led Out"---which is a Led Zeppelin tribute to "the music"  band.  Watch for more info on my ReVue blog.  I was covering the concert for my blog.  It was one of the best concerts I've ever been, too.  Pretty amazing.
      My word count is suffering, though.  So, I'm going to play catch up today and see if I can blow past the stats.  Today's word count is 31,666.  I'm sure that 666 thing is not meant to discourage anyone in the event they do or do not make their word count.  It's just how everything adds up and so on and so forth.  Currently, I am sitting at 28,984 words.  This is my word count from Wednesday night, which was impressive then, but now I am behind, again.
     When I last left my story, Gwendolyn (don't call her Gwen) had taken over the story for a whopping 5,016  words.  She let me know that she had a friend who was coming along with her in a day or two and was probably going to need about this many words, too as she had a back story to tell, just like Gwendolyn.  Then Gwendolyn demanded her own book.  Talk about pushy!  Gwendolyn was just suppose to tie up a lose end.  That was it.  And now, I find out that she didn't even do that, she just created a need for more clarity, so who knows how many  more characters are going to show up before this is all over.  I wonder if they will need their own books too?
     A word of caution---if a character named Gwendolyn shows up and wants in on your story, do not invite her in.  Not even for a little while.  No matter how good she makes what she's selling sound.  Close the door firmly and tell her to check out the next book over, you do not want to buy what she is selling.
     Perhaps she's found a home with me, and won't bother you.  But you never can tell . . .

© Lydia Lowe  11/2011

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